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A timeless way to hold onto your special day


Hand-Pressed Flowers

Fully pressing, drying and preserving your bouquet.

Custom Design

Custom design of your florals into a work of art.

Quality Frame

A frame of your choosing and UV protected glass.

Care Instructions

Complete care instructions for the life of your keepsake frame.


Select Frame

Before the wedding

Wedding Day

Keep flowers hydrated

Ship/Drop Off

As soon as possible

Design Phase

The fun part

Happy Day

Your flower art is ready to hang!


Every flower is carefully handled and hand-pressed, making sure each bloom receives the attention and care it deserves from start to finish.


How long does the preservation process take?

Our current turnaround time is 4-6 months from when the flowers arrive at our office. Please note that this is subject to change at any time.

How long will my pressed bouquet last?

Each frame design is protected by 99% coasted UV glass. However, due to the fact that we are working with real florals, the pigmentation in your bouquet will naturally fade overtime. We do not use any paint, dye, or color enhancements in our preservation process. We appreciate the natural pigmentation and textures in your bouquet, and reflect that in our designs.

While your bouquet display may arrive vibrant and colorful, it will likely fade overtime. In order to keep it looking as close to the original as possible for as long as possible, we suggest keeping the display away from bright lighting and sunlight. Each flower will fade/discolor at different rates, but keeping the display in a temperature controlled, dimly lit space will help to extend the color of the pressed blooms.

Do flowers change color once pressed?

It's no secret that fresh flowers will change color once pressed. Oftentimes the change can be ever so subtle, and in other cases the change can be dramatic. It all depends on your bouquet's color palette and which flower varieties your florist chose for it!

For example, quicksand roses are notorious for changing color once pressed. When fresh, they range from a dusty pink to a mauvey-lavender tone, however once pressed they can shift anywhere from greenish gray to a soft pale purple. As a general rule of thumb, bright and rich pigments will maintain their color, while pastel pigments will lighten. And white flowers tend to shift to a beautiful blonde/cream color.

Are there any flowers that cannot be pressed?

We do our best to press all types of flowers using different techniques suited for specific flowers. However, there are flowers that have a high water content making them more difficult to press.

Will the final piece look exactly like my bouquet?

The preservation process is a combination of unique design and a special science. Your bouquet will go through a beautiful transformation process that will remind you of the best day ever! We will send you a proof to approve before moving on. If we do not hear from you, we will proceed with the design we have on file. We take a look at your bouquet when designing to inspire us.

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