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Read the Q&As below for more information on our process and what to expect with our custom framed flowers.

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How soon do I need to book?

We realize that you may not decide to preserve your bouquet until after you see it on your wedding day! So we are happy to accept last-minute orders for bouquet preservations.

Orders can be placed from 6 months in advance, up to the week of the wedding. But flowers must arrive within 5 business days after your wedding.

Do I need to reserve a spot or pay a deposit?

No, you do not need to reserve a spot or pay a deposit ahead of placing your order. Simply add the preservation item to your cart, check-out, and ship your bouquet to us!

Detailed shipping instructions will be provided via email once your order has been placed.

How soon do you need the flowers?

The sooner, the better! We recommend shipping your blooms overnight within 3 days of the event. We find they are best if pressed within a week of the event.

Prior to them being shipped, keep them in clean water with fresh-cut stems! Being a florist I always tell my brides that if the flowers are not in a picture they should be in water!

Can I drop off my flowers/pick up my finished order?

Yes! You can drop off your blooms anytime during our regular business hours, Monday-Saturday 11am-6pm and Sunday 11am-5pm. We recommend that reach out with any questions ahead of time to connect with a preservation specialist as they are not always working in the store.

Once your order is complete we will coordinate a day to pick up your frame.

How long does the preservation process take?

Our current turnaround time is 6-12 months from when we receive your flowers. Please note that this is subject to change at any time.

Do you press all white bouquets?

Yes, we can! When pressed, white flowers will will change to a beautiful blonde/cream color or even an antique looking brown.

Do you color enhance the flowers?

We do not use any paint, dye, or color enhancements in our preservation process. We appreciate the natural pigmentation and textures in your bouquet, and reflect that in our designs. Due to the fact that we are working with real florals, the pigmentation in your bouquet will naturally fade overtime.

How long will my pressed bouquet last?

Each frame design is protected by 99% coated UV glass. However, due to the fact that we are working with real florals, the pigmentation in your bouquet will naturally fade overtime. We do not use any paint, dye, or color enhancements in our preservation process. We appreciate the natural pigmentation and textures in your bouquet, and reflect that in our designs. 

While your bouquet display may arrive vibrant and colorful, it will likely fade overtime. In order to keep it looking as close to the original as possible for as long as possible, we suggest keeping the display away from bright lighting and sunlight. Each flower will fade/discolor at different rates, but keeping the display in a temperature controlled, dimly lit space will help to extend the color of the pressed blooms. 

Do you preserve memorial flowers?

Yes, we cherish the opportunity to preserve something so meaningful to remember a loved one's life. All of our frame sizes, colors, and options are available for these events as well.

Can I add your products to my registry?

Absolutely! Each registry is different so we suggest reaching out to the company you are using and ask the best way to add our items! 

What if I decide not to preserve my bouquet after placing an order?

Orders can be canceled up to when we receive your flowers.

A full refund is given for any order canceled within 24 hours of purchase.

After 24 hours, a 20% holding fee will be deducted from the refund.

Do you issue refunds on finished orders?

We take great care with our work and hope that you will love your framed florals for many years!

Given that bouquet preservation is a custom product we unfortunately are not able to offer refunds.

But we want you to be happy with your purchase, so please contact us at with any questions or concerns.

What if my piece arrives damaged?

Although we take great care to package our pieces with as much protection as possible, we understand that damage may occur during shipping transportation. 

In the event that this occurs, we ask that you leave the piece as is and reseal the box. We will send you a prepaid return label, repair the frame at our shop, and send it back to you as soon as possible.


How should I ship my flowers?

Overnight shipping is strongly encouraged. During shipment, some flowers may brown or lose petals. Overnight shipment can reduce the risk of this occurring.

Fresh blooms should be sent within 5 business days after the event.

Your order confirmation email will include detailed shipping instructions as well. 

My event is on a weekend (Friday, Saturday, Sunday), when should I ship my flowers?

We recommend that you wait until that Monday to ship out your blooms.

While waiting to ship, keep the blooms in clean water and when possible give the stems a fresh cut. Store them in a cool, dry environment. Avoid heat, sunlight and humidity.

How do I safely pack my flowers?

  • Trim the stems of the flowers and wrap a damp paper towel around them (only the bottom of the stems). This will serve as a water source.
  • Place a plastic bag around the wet paper towel and tightly secure with a rubber band. You do not want any of the paper towel or water to leak out.
  • Place flowers in a box with packing paper or newspaper; you want them snug but not crammed.
  • Add additional packing paper to secure the flowers from moving around in the box. (NEVER use plastic, bubble wrap or styrofoam as cushion that can cause mold.)

What if my flowers arrive unworkable?

If your blooms do not arrive in "workable" condition, they are deemed "unworkable". You will be notified and depending on why they are unworkable we will provide you with potential options, one of which being canceling your order and receiving a full refund.

*Please note that this refund does not include the cost of shipping your bouquet to us as listed in our Terms and Conditions.

Do you ship internationally?

Unfortunately, not at this time.

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