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Wellness: A Day and Night Reflection Journal

In this busy, fast-paced world, healthy habits and thoughts often fall to the wayside. Learn to prioritize yourself and reshape your habits with this journal that provides you with a space to track and reflect on your habits and lifestyle, and how they affect the way you feel. Savor this opportunity to make time for yourself and create a joyful, fulfilling life. JOURNALING MADE EASY: Set personal goals and record how you feel with the reflection spreads. Guided prompts that repeat each day make it easy to set your intentions and reflect on your progress every morning and night. HABIT TRACKERS: Personalize your journal to fit your lifestyle with the customizable monthly habit tracker spreads. Add the habits that you want to keep track of and fill in throughout the month to assess your consistency. SET CHALLENGES: Start your own 30-day challenges with the challenge tracker spreads to focus your energy on the things that are important! Our #1 Journal series...view them all on Faire