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Not Paper Towel - Floral Fun

Not Paper Towel (Set of 6)
Reusable / machine-washable eco-friendly alternative to paper towels
♺ Made from post-consumer recycled materials
Size: 13.5” x 8.5”

Single-sided print with embossed "G" logo pattern


Printed in California

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

No questions asked, hassle-free returns

Our Geometry Not Paper Towels™ are both durable and beautiful, and did we mention they’re reusable? Made from post-consumer recycled materials, the Not Paper Towel™ is a fun and functional way to reduce the waste we put in our landfills. Reusable and machine washable, this eco-friendly alternative to the traditional paper towel is our new favorite kitchen cleanup helper. Available in sets of 6.