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Family Play Deck


Discover the power of play!

Brimming with practical tips and easy-to-follow instructions, this engaging deck features activities the whole family will enjoy, including:

  • Craft projects
  • Nature adventures
  • Treasure hunts
  • Simple science experiments
  • On-the-go boredom busters
  • And more!

Perfect for weekends, vacations, rainy days, and road trips, these screen-free experiences are proven to stimulate young minds and encourage family connection. The petite, portable package is easy to carry in a tote bag, stash in the glove compartment, or keep handy near the family coat rack for a grab-and-go adventure anytime!

ACTIVITY DECK FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY: 60 easy and fun activities, games, and experiences for families with young kids, including simple-to-follow prompts to support healthy development, emotional learning, and family connection.

GREAT ALTERNATIVE TO SCREEN TIME: This petite, interactive deck full of fun activities makes it easy for any family, anywhere, to integrate play into their usual routines to promote curiosity and joy.

BEAUTIFUL FAMILY GIFT AND KEEPSAKE: The colorful, charmingly designed package appeals to both children and adults and offers families a way to engage with one another in meaningful, memorable ways. The prompts are perfect for families with young children, making this a lovely shower gift, new baby present, adoption celebrations, or Mother’s Day or Father’s Day gift the whole family can enjoy. 

Perfect for: 

  • Families with kids ages eight and under
  • Parents interested in nature exploration and community engagement
  • Anyone who enjoys educational games and companion play toys like Lovevery kits
  • Fans of The Family Adventure Journal, My Quotable Kid, Just Between Us activity journals, and the creative science Stay Curious and Keep Exploring books