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It's going to cost how much?


Designing the perfect wedding flowers involves considering a multitude of factors, and the costs can vary significantly depending on a bunch of others. Sounds a little vague and questionable? We get it!

But please know there is no industry wide "wedding markup". There are just a lot of back-end considerations to account for that ultimately impact the cost of your wedding flowers. The beauty you experience on your wedding day reflects only a portion of the effort put into crafting your stunning floral arrangements.

Strategies to save on wedding florals and make the most of your budget.

Wedding flowers can be expensive, but there are ways to keep your floral costs (relatively) low and make the most of your overall budget. Here are 10 strategies industry experts recommend to help reduce costs without compromising on style.

Pricing Guide

Here are average prices per item to help you plan your floral budget. Our wedding services generally fall within the range of $5,500 to $10,000, which includes design/labor fees and tax. For a wedding with 200 guests, the typical cost is around $7,500.


Design Fee

The amount may differ among florists, but fundamentally, this fee serves as compensation for the florist's time dedicated to designing your event. It includes collaboration with you, your planner and the venue to seamlessly bring together the details of the event, supporting the cohesive vision of the big day.


State and local sales tax will apply to the cost of goods on your order. Our tax rate is 8.125%.

Labor charge

Usually a percentage of the overall cost of the proposal. This percentage varies among florists depending on their level of overhead costs and the labor specifically required for your event.

Design mockup

If requested this is typically an additional cost. Since wholesalers provide products in bulk, even if your florist only needs a few stems of a specific variety, they will be charged for the entire bunch. And that cost will be reflected in the price of the mockup. It's not uncommon for the mockup to be more expensive than the actual item for the event day.

Travel fees

Typically a flat fee for all travel-related costs for the events, including per diem, hotel rooms, and transportation.