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The Trifecta
The Trifecta

The Trifecta


Good vibes only from this energy cleansing kit! 

 Smudging with Sage is an ancient ritual performed to purify, protect, and drive out negative energy. It is believed that when the Sage is burned, unwanted influences will dissipate with the clearing of the smoke.

Palo Santo "holy wood" is burned for its uplifting, cleansing, and calming qualities. Use in a daily routine to set intentions, calm energy, and cleanse ones space. Often used for emotional and spiritual guidance, palo santo is an effective natural anti-anxiety remedy. 

 Selenite Crystal is known as a spiritual activation stone. It quickly works to open and activate the Third Eye, Crown and Soul Star Chakra. Works to increase communication with our guides and angels and is also fast and effective at clearing the auric field from imbalance.

  • 1 sage stick approx 4"

  • 2 palo santo approx 4"

  • 1 selenite wand approx 5-6"