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Realest Oracle Deck

Reconnect with magic and inspire confidence with this distinctly multicultural, queer 53-card oracle deck.

Everything is spiritual. Your spirituality may not show up as voices in your head, flashing lights, or dancing orbs. It might show up as small nudges. The magic of your life is not about the crystals, the candles, or the typical "crystal bitch" stuff. It's you. The Realest Oracle is a 53-card deck for learning how to trust your internal guidance and unleash the magic inside of you.

Each card reflects the minutiae of daily life-crying on the train, building furniture, cruising on dating apps-things we discount as insignificant. The deck is accompanied by a full-color, 120-page guidebook that explores the meaning behind each card and how best to use the deck in your daily life. The Realest Oracle will teach you how each choice we make to create, connect, love, and grieve is all part of the journey and the next step towards our destiny through beautifully illustrated cards that bring design to the divine.