Pressed Flower "Kid Friendly" Workshop - Sunday, June 26th



Date: Sunday, June 26th
Time: 10:00am-11:00am

Join Raven Rose for this kid friendly workshop to learn how to turn fresh flowers and foliage into everlasting works of art.  

You’ll then spend the remainder of the time arranging a composition of pre-pressed dried flowers and foliage on glass plates of a floating frame.  

*given that we hope to have children at this workshop the educational portion of the workshop will not be as in-depth in order to keep everyone engaged.



AGE REQUIREMENT - 7yrs or Older

This is a kid friendly event, but we do ask that everyone be over the age of 7yrs to participate.  Each child in your party needs to be 7yrs old and participating to attend....sorry little bro and sis I have to do this one on my own! 

Parents you do not need to purchase a ticket to accompany your child to the event, but to keep track of overall attendance please purchase a "Child Only" ticket so we will know that there will be 1 parent & 1 child but only provide one set of materials.  If you will both be participating, please purchase 2 "Standard" tickets.


Cancellation Policy-

  • A 72 hour notice via email prior to class is required to issue a refund of the class fee.
  • A 48 hour notice via email prior to class is required to reschedule or issue class credit. 

If the class size minimum is not met 48 hours before class, Raven Rose may cancel class and all registered students will be notified via email.