Make it Special Gift Set 1



Moms are better than Chocolate! Add this gift set to a wrapped bouquet to make Mother’s Day a little extra special this year!

This gift set includes:

“Mom, You’re Better than Chocolate” 2oz chocolate bar

Limited edition 70% Sea Salt chocolate bar. The sea salt bar is a simple indulgence designed to delight with a pinch of salt to enhance the caramelly-sweet coconut sugar used in the chocolate.

Ingredients: Organic cacao bean, organic coconut sugar, organic cacao butter, sea salt.

100% organic, plant-based, gluten free, yumminess.


Scented Hand Cream from Paddywax

If your hands can use a little relief from all the washing, this is just the thing you need. Infused with fun, fresh fragrances, this delicious blend is packaged in a metal tube within a soft-sliding box - truly setting the tone for the smoothest, best-smelling hands.


Eucalyptus Santal: (woody) with a burst of eucalyptus and cucumber, this lush medley is grounded with a base of santal

Sea Salt + Plumeria: (fresh) bright notes of sea salt atop an aromatic base of driftwood

Gardenia + Peonies: (floral) a graceful bouquet of floral aromas with notes of bamboo and crisp air