Dainty Tassel Necklace


A dainty 16" short necklace made with tiny 3mm Czech glass beads in a mix of colors with a teeny tiny tassel in the center, the beads are seamlessly connected to a 24K antique gold plated chain and finished with a comfy lobster clasp. Colors: No. 1: red, pink, mustard, pale grey, pumpkin, lilac, moss, smoke, gold with orange tassel No.2: cream, pale grey, gold, lilac, pumpkin, moss, pink, gold with pale pink tassel No.3: chartreuse, green, pink, pale grey, mustard, moss, pumpkin, Fuschia, gold with moss green tassel No.4: brown, lilac, moss, gold with rust-brown tassel No.5: brown, gold, chartreuse, green, lilac, brown, pumpkin, moss, gold with moss green tassel No.6: gold, black, smoke, pale grey, mustard, cream, gold with pale grey tassel